Give Your Customers Access to the Cash They Need

contract-financingConsumer financing is a great way for companies to increase their base of customers and their revenue at the same time. It provides customers with access to the cash they need to purchase your products or services, and it can be especially helpful if your products or services are a bit on the expensive side. That is why Capital Addition Finance aims to provide businesses of all sizes with unrivaled consumer finance programs. Our programs will help your customers gain access to the funds they need, ensuring that your business never misses out an opportunity to turn a profit.

Benefits of Financing With Us

If your product or service costs less than $10,000, you may want to consider our consumer finance program. Our program offers the following benefits.

  • The ability to offer financing to customers with low FICO scores
  • Flexible interest rates
  • E-Signature capabilities
  • Instant processing and approval
  • Tiered pricing options

Capital Addition Finance also has the ability to purchase your Revolving Credit Agreements and Retail Installment Contracts.

Broaden Your Customer Base

Consumer financing can help you broaden your customer base to individuals who typically wouldn’t be able to afford your products or services. It can also ensure that your existing customers never lose access to money. Contact Capital Addition Finance to speak with one of our consumer finance professionals.