Ditch Your Outdated Equipment for Good

equipmentRunning a business can be difficult, especially if you lack the equipment you need to provide your customers with a pleasurable experience. If this sounds like your business or practice, you may want to consider turning to Capital Addition Finance for help. Our equipment financing program can give you access to the cash you need to purchase new equipment. If a full purchase sounds a bit expensive, don’t worry, we also offer an unmatched equipment leasing program to business owners on a budget. Regardless of your equipment needs, we can find something that fits your company.

Financing Option

We make it our goal to finance a diverse array of businesses spanning a multitude of industries. Financing is a great way to acquire new equipment if you plan to use it for an indefinite period of time. You will also reap the following benefits when you decide to finance your equipment with us.

  • Fast approval times (usually less than 24 hours)
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Terms of up to 84 months

Our equipment financing program is only for companies that have been in business for two or more years. If you don’t meet this requirement, you may want to consider our leasing program.

Leasing Option

Equipment leasing is used by businesses of all sizes in order to acquire the newest and most up-to-date equipment. The Capital Addition Finance leasing program offers the following benefits.

  • Low monthly payments
  • Tax and accounting advantages
  • Fixed payment options
  • Low upfront payments

Leasing is ideal for business owners who need new equipment, but don’t want to spend all of their existing capital. Leasing with us will never impact your credit report.

Learn More

Whether you decide to lease or finance your equipment, Capital Addition Finance can be of assistance. There is no need to utilize outdated or ineffective equipment when you have access to us. Learn more about our equipment programs by calling one of our professionals today.