Acquiring the Capital You Need to Fill Large Orders

purchase-order-financingOne of the major challenges small business owners face is the inability to fill large orders. This inability is usually due to lack of capital, but there are ways for these businesses to fill orders and generate the revenue they need to succeed. Capital Addition Finance offers purchase order financing to businesses that need access to manufactured merchandise. We can help wholesalers, producers, distributors, and resellers find a financing option that fits their individual needs.

Benefits of Financing With Us

Securing a business loan from the bank can be immensely difficult for small businesses, especially in their early stages of development. Banks usually require a track record of proven success and a stable credit history before it issues a loan – startups frequently lack both of these requirements. Our purchase order financing program can provide businesses with the following benefits.

  • The ability to fill large orders
  • Flexible repayment and financing options
  • Timely delivery of products to customers
  • Increases in market shares

When you have the funds you need to distribute your products, you will be able to establish a broader base of satisfied customers.

Eliminate the Need to Invest Additional Capital

Purchase order financing is a great way to acquire inventory without having to invest additional capital. We will work with you until we find an option that will help your company expand and thrive. Call Capital Addition Finance to learn more about this type of financing.