Capital Addition Finance offers consumer financing in Houston, TX. Our consumer financing offers Houston area business owners a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • The ability to offer financing to customers with low FICO scores
  • E-signature capabilities
  • Flexible interest rates
  • Tiered pricing options
  • Instant processing and approval

Improve Your Bottom Line

With consumer financing from Capital Addition Finance, Houston area businesses can offer their customers payment options. When customers can spread out the total cost of a purchase over manageable monthly payments, they have a tendency to spend more. Suddenly, those products and services which were one outside of the budget can be purchased because the payments on the total are low and flexible. For business owners in Houston, TX, offering consumer financing options results in more and higher sales.

The Advantages Of Consumer Financing In Houston, TX

Consumer financing does more than simply give payment benefits to customers. Consumer financing from Capital Addition Finance gives local business owners a number of advantages as well, including:

  • The ability to build brand awareness
  • Fast credit application and approval process
  • The ability to offer an array of payment options to customers
  • Creative incentives, such as “First 6 months, same as cash!”
  • The ability to grow a returning customer audience
  • Flexible payments and interest rates, based on customer credit ratings

Creative Incentives

By using consumer financing in Houston, TX, local businesses get access to powerful marketing tools. By offering such incentives as “$100 same as cash,” Houston based businesses can bring in new applicants, which means more sales. What was once only available to large retailers and car dealerships is now accessible by all industries throughout Houston, TX.

Houston Industries That Use Consumer Financing

The baseline for being able to use consumer financing is that Houston area businesses must sell products and services with price tags no greater than $10,000. Some of the local businesses that offer consumer financing include:

  • Medical practice and healthcare centers
  • Retailers
  • Suppliers and distributors
  • Manufacturers and fabricators
  • More

Brand Awareness

Capital Addition Finance provides Houston, TX businesses with the ability to build brand awareness. Our consumer financing programs offers flexible payment options to customers, as well as credit card options. This passive marketing can grow your customer base, without having to invest any capital. When customers pull out a credit card bearing your company’s logo, it will get noticed. Additionally, when your customers talk to friends and family about the great deals and payment options your business offers, it goes a long way in driving new customers to your company. Consumer financing in Houston, TX allows your business to get a much larger reach in building brand awareness with both existing and potential customers, which translates to even more sales.

Capital Addition Finance is committed to providing the most comprehensive program for consumer financing in Houston, TX. If you would like to boost sales, improve cash flow, and get access to powerful marketing tools, contact the team at Capital Addition Finance today.